Mindfulness – the word is spreading

It’s strange many years ago when I did my ‘Mindfulness‘ training the word was almost unheard of by many. I, along with many other ‘mindfulness‘ obsessed people have been working quietly and passionately behind the scenes teaching mindfulness and generally spreading the word.  It seems the word ‘mindfulness‘ is popping up in various conversations, on social media, websites and even some of the Corporates are embedding ‘mindfulness‘ into their ethos, values and leadership and management programmes. Hooray!!

Finally, now that there has been so much research done and evidence based clinical trials ‘Mindfulness‘ is seen as a therapeutic holistic, alternative therapy tool that can have a profound affect on your mind, behaviours, habits and health and wellbeing.  Having worked myself within the NHS and a mental health setting, I now see mindfulness being used with patients, clients and service users, by many clinicians, consultants, psychotherapists, psychologists etc.

I also hear the word ‘mindfulness’ being overused too (I recall hearing a number of politicians overusing this word), this concerns me as I feel that some people do not fully understand the true meaning of ‘mindfulness’. Mindfulness should not be something we ‘do’, mindfulness is akin to emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion, kindness they are our ‘natural’ states of being. True mindfulness is practiced every minute of every day and not ‘now and again’.

It concerns me to that our society in many ways appears to becoming more mindless, with smart phones and technology I look around observing people and the apparent love affair with their phone(s), maybe it is just my observations but people appear to be more disconnected from one another.

I came across the following article which was produced by Mint Velvet – a clothing company which demonstrates how mainstream the word ‘mindfulness’ is becoming.


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Mindfulness Leadership

How refreshing to hear Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna talk about how he brings daily mindfulness and yoga into his work and home life.


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Hello – Welcome to Bodhimandha – the Seat of Wisdom – Prepare to be Awakened

Bodhimandha is a Sanskrit, word which when translated means ‘the seat of wisdom and place of awakening‘.

The term ‘dojo’ is from the Japanese traditional arts and means the “place of training” and a Dojo was a place where martial arts was practiced and a place where people came together to awaken learn, become disciplined in order to learn and to transform themselves, their behaviours, develop self awareness and mindfulness and achieve their dreams and aspirations and commit to making positive changes to their lives.

Our approach to ‘Leadership’ is to empower individuals to become mindful and exemplary leaders, connect with and inspire others.

Our ethos is to provide people in the workplace the space to learn and grow in the realms of mind, body, and spirit – both as individuals and as teams. We believe that our ‘work’ life and our ‘home’ life are interconnected and if there is disharmony in either, our health and wellbeing can deteriorate. Physical fitness is just one component of health. One could have lots of physically fit people in the workplace, but the environment could still be toxic. How people treat each other, their attitudes, values, morals, prejudices and judgements and how they interact with one another are all indicators of their mental and emotional health.

Bodhimandah is committed to practices that transform individuals and produce mindful leaders and teams of pragmatic wisdom, skillful action, compassion, kindness, empathy, resilience and emotional intelligence.

We provide various bespoke training and learning and development programmes, coaching and mentoring.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and do more, you are a leader” –  John Quincy Adams

Namaste 🙂